Prayer and Comfort Quilts

Several years ago Sr. Brigit-Carol, SD, our remaining Core member, began making prayer and comfort quilts. In her words:

Quilting has opened up a whole new way of praying for me. As I cut various fabrics up and then reassemble the pieces into different patterns, I’m reminded of how our lives sometimes will fall apart, but God picks up those pieces and reassembles them into a thing of beauty. The resulting pattern might not be one we chose, and the pain might linger for a while, but in time we begin to appreciate God’s wisdom in allowing hurt and pain into our lives as we become more sensitive and compassionate towards others and ourselves. As I sew these quilts, I pray for the end user and trust that God will envelope that person with love and tenderness just as he or she is enveloped by the quilt.

Sr. Brigit-Carol normally donates the prayer quilts she makes to nursing homes or women’s shelters, but quilting is expensive, so we are offering a few select ones to help offset the costs of purchasing more fabric and batting. These are one of a kind items,  so please e-mail Sr. Brigit-Carol directly to see what she has on hand. 

They are priced between $100.00 and $150.00 each.

Due to high international shipping prices, quilts will only be mailed to US addresses.

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