Pater Noster Cords

A Pater Noster Cord is a straight rope of beads, not brought into a loop like a rosary or chotki (Orthodox prayer rope). It has a cross at one end and usually a tassel at the other.


If you are not familiar with our Pater Noster Cords, we explain how to use them.


All Pater Noster cords are made of wooden beads.


We offer 5 colours: black, brown, natural, red and green.

Crosses are: Olivewood Latin, Celtic, and cut-out crucifix.

All Pater Noster cords are $15.00 each

To order our Prayer Beads:

Click to Order Your Pater Noster Cords On-Line by credit card, money order or check.  You will be given a choice of payments options before check-out.

Contact us by e-mail or at the address below about wholesale pricing for bulk  orders.


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